Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Stroller - maniac? holic?

Oh Im not going to post a list of my baby's strollers here. Madina only have one. An umbrella fold-sun speed Esprit-stroller in red color. What i want to share here is some of my favourite strollers that I always Google all the time. and that makes my husband call me stroller-maniac or stroller-holic. haha! biarla.. I dont know why but I love strollers and it varies according to its size, functions and of course price.

Like it for its design..

1. Quinny Buzz
2. Graco Signiture
3. Britax B-Smart in purple
4. Valco ion

Like it because they are umbrella fold...

1. Esprit sunspeed in red (the new design pun cantik)
2. Maclaren xlr in purple (super nice)
3. Maclaren xt
4. Chicco liteway in red

Of all strollers ive found/googled...there is only one which became my ultimate dream. well, it is not available in Malaysia (yet). kalau ade pun design lain sikit. It is Inglesina Zippy Free in Orchidea color

well, I only got the carrier for madina but in red. And ive just checked out Inglesina's International website, they have new color for Zippy Free - Mirtillo. hmmh...cantek gile!!

* can see my fav color is purple ;)


zephyred said...

anne!! :) comelnyee stroller2 ni, i pun asking around je to find out bout strollers (still so very blur) but i want to find a travel system nye type, penah dgr tak psl 'cybex callisto'? and ada advise on what to look for in a good stroller? heee

anne.zaqwan said...

Cybex callisto i tak pernah tgk, but cybex onyx ade pernah i jumpe. and when i googled, cantikla callisto tu! and ade purple lagi! haha sorry2..purple freak :P.
searching the best stroller ni payah (haha!) yg penting u have to find yg senang di manage. and kene tgk kereta ape u pakai. i love the bulky-3 wheels design, but since kereta i myvi and selalu travel kl-melaka so i looked for yg umbrella fold type+ringan. but if it comes with travel system mcm cybex callisto ni lg ok! sbb the newborn baby akan lebih selesa and u pun boleh tgk dia kan. satu kurangnya esprit yg i pakai ni dia takde reversible handle so kene jenguk2 selalu plus takde transparent window jugak. if i jumpe umbrella fold type yg ade reversible handle like combi miracle turn or my dear punye dulu..sure i beli. tp tak kesa lah..dina pun dah besa skang hehe. As for me, benda yg penting utk cari stroller (umbrella fold type) are
1)sng nak manage -> bukak-tutup-one hand fold, ade reversible handle is a bonus or at least ade transparent window
4)boleh recline almost flat(for baby tdo)
5)design cantik (penting kan ibu2?) and harga berpatutan (kan ayah2? haha)

so good luck awin in searching the best stroller for the lil one. remember, tak kesa u spend lebih sket on good quality stroller as long as it last long or kalau nk jual balik pun masih ade 'harga' like maclaren's.. :)

zephyred said...

okehhhh. thank u anne u certainly made it clearer for me :) akan start mengoogling skrg. itula i pun pkai myvi & i fikir nak bwk naik trun aeroplane lagi (kk-kl) memang akan opt jugakla for umbrella type (baru tahu whut that means)! hehe. tq dear!

teruskan ur entries, byk info i dapat serap as well as other mummies! will b asking again insyaAllah ;)

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