Thursday, July 16, 2009

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dearest friends and readers,

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

have u ever felt so empty?

life agak pusing2 lately. i dunno..i gave less concentration on my work.. and instead i felt quite 'empty'. yes, despite faiz is far in Melaka, i think i hv less friends now. is it just me or....what? bothered much with this questions lately... is it just me?

friends...*echo*echo* r u still there? *echo*echo*


my day will be filled and more meaningful when im home - after 6 pm. the wacko sisters i have would be 'the' entertainment-of-the-day. but after this yana would be leaving.. only wani left and perhaps i could cope with 17 year old girl behaviour dgn jayanya. hehe.

i hope for a better life ahead, esp at office. damn im bored in this 'only 2 people' office. yes, n bersyukur pressure. happy. tapi takde kawan/geng sekepala......maybe not yet kot..?


(*shoot, "is this the end" by zee avi is playing..damn)

i miss my companion esp faiz, TLCs, adah dearie..moonies...hanikunie..k.anum..bola tampar gang..

i miss you all like hell.