Sunday, March 22, 2009

new beginning

I received THE confirmation letter of new post last Thursday (19th March 2009) , Alhamdulillah... this is the new beginning of my-new-experience: to involve in Port construction-oil & gas field. Since the project phase still in early stage so there's nothing much to be done. even im still trying to cope and understand this new line (for me la). seriously.. it is soooo exciting as i never imagine to be in this-not-landscape line. takut juge...sikit2....tapi n mesti berani untuk cuba! hihi..semangat btul.. may everything goes well and i could perform very well also. :D :D :D

new workspace

*thanks to families, faiz and friends who'd been supporting me in making this decision. it was quite confusing k...

harini n menghadiahkan diri n dgn sepasang sepatu baru! thanks to myself!!


miss 'this' 'routine'...

Monday, March 16, 2009


ive made up my mind where i have accepted the offer to be transferred to new division >> oil & gas division. The confirmation will be settled by this week or as late as next week. im happy with my decision as im ready to try new experience and gain new knowledge.


because i want it and im ready for new challenge ahead. i dont know what they see in me but i believe this is the respond from The Almighty of my prayers... Alhamdulillah..


i think ive made sumone marah/kecewa/bengang/or wuteverlah.... im sorry in advance my friend, i just follow what my heart says and accept the opprtunity from Allah. Allah knows what best for us..for you and for me.. :)

Good luck to myself and all of my friends in your undertakings! do your best!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the universe's respond 2 : definitely...maybe

insyaAllah next week will be another 'anjakan paradigma' huhu.... i was offered last friday and i need to made up my mind and tell them my decision by monday. hu...such a big decision wei...

it might be a good-bye to landscape industry. well not at a whole lah. landscape is surely-definitely-will always be my passion ever. God created it all, for us to maintain and be grateful.

'hopefully this is the sign from HIM, as He knows what is the best for me. Allah Maha Mengetahui..Subhanallah'

Saturday, March 14, 2009

lets move on!

derived from my previous post.. i firmly say i really want some changes ; in terms of life management, future planning, job, looks, and etc..etc.. i complained a lot lately about how hectic my life is recently, i cant bear the never ending workloads, unstable company's management , the 'mcm2 karenah' org lain. even my sister could not stand anymore of my complaints or my silentness (as n dah malas nak ckp betapa letihnyer n setiap hari,-hari2 balik lambat, kul 1230 pun ade). yes, tak baik to be ungrateful now, i shall not complaint, blame and give excuse, lebih2 lagi baru je kerja..but being an honest person i cant lie to myself that im not that happy of what im doing now.. i enjoyed it at the beginning, you know..buat design, present, meeting people..sign surat.. tapi lame2 seems like takleh blah.. after 6 months, rase mcm kurang best.. camner? jadik kerani/buat kerja2 admin seems sgt best bg anne, senang, tak pressure, kul 6 balik-takyah pikir pape lagi dah, esok dtg buat keje mcm biase.. huhu. tak pun buat bisnes kawin2...oh sgt teruja and excited!

team building

i participated in my company's annual activity last week. the 'team building' program was very enjyable for me. all activities planned by our own committees were really enjoyable and i think the program achieved its objectives perfectly. even i could not remember ALL collegues, but i managed to at least recognized them especially those with their own taglines like 'budus', 'kfc', 'melatah', 'dtg lambat' and so on..

and, what really opened my eyes (and mind) are all 'lecture/talk' programs held every night. malas nak huraikan lebih2 what we have been 'lectured' but it can be concluded as - im very2 thankful to contribute to one of the malay-muslim organization now - i mean at this very moment whereby not many successful malay entreprenuers could survived.

sayang diri sendiri, sayang keluarga, sayang bangsa melayu, sayang raja2 melayu, takkan melayu hilang dibumi Malaysia. cewah!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


it is the time where i want to make a change for my current life now. n mcm rase dah tak mampu dah. bosan.

saya hendak membuat satu anjakan paradigma