Thursday, June 18, 2009

Xie xie abah

baby lion dipijak bapaknye
Im very grateful of having the opportunity to visit Beijing, China last week with my ever beloved family (but without B.E & Kdayang since they went to Perth). It took me days to gather all thoughts and courage (??) to share my 6days experiences in China, since its very2 meaningful to me. Plus, i always forgot to copy some pictures from Yana's laptop (oh she already post an entry bout our China trip). tehee~

I treasured a lot throughout this trip, especially the golden moment i had with my family. i felt stress-free and i can woke up every morning without thinking 'what to do...what to do...' for 6 days. haha..cukupla. Grandparents were also being cooperative and considerate also as you know, having a pair of 70+ old folks in a long-tiring trip would be quite a cabaran k. However, mek & ayoh are such a positive couple as they never complaint and instead enjoyed the sightseeing so much. not forgotten when ayoh was so excited-sampai-tak-berkelip-mata watching the acrobatic show(uuuu.....*wink*) while mek already fallen asleep after 20 minutes..(hahaha!)

Peace! (at Hotel's lobby)

Acrobatic Show hall, where ayoh was really excited

A-Ming (perhaps i spell it right) from ICT China was our tour guide in China. He is chinese who can speaks indonesian language. We partly could understand his explaination since lidah die pendek sikit...hehe, so sume huruf 'R' jadik 'L'. e.g: Kota Terlalang.... (Kota Terlarang-Forbidden City).

We visited a lot of nice places varied from the historical places, the hundred years mosques, one of the 7 Wonders of the world, Silk store, Jade store, Crystals store, Tea House, Herbs + Foot massage store and so forth. Oh not forgetting the market :D. Thank God i could managed my expenditure wisely, whereby its not only on clothes and accessories only but including ubat-ubat herba power, teh mujarab, cream mutiara magic and whatever. hehe..wise kan?

Well, this trip wont be as great as this without abah's willingness to bring us all and explore almost everything in China together. Tanpa abah..siapalah kami.. siapalah anne. ecewaaa~ Thank you Abah!

my hero

I overheard my grandparents conversation during our visit to the world's largest surviving palace complex and covers - Forbidden City.

in Kelantan dialek, sambil berpimpin tangan aww~:
Mek : Mujurla..Tuhan wi kito tenago, kito sihat dih...buleh jalan jauh...mujurla...
Ayoh: Ho..tula..mujurla...Alhamdulillah dih...

Translation secara general:
Mereka berdua bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana diberi kesihatan dan tenaga untuk berjalan-jalan sejauh ini (China).

Anne rasa mereka sangat bersyukur Abah bawak derang ke negara China ni. Ayoh memang nak tengok sangat tembok besar China dan impian dia Alhamdulillah tercapai. emm..sebak sikit... Abah and Mummy, hopefully you'll never stop praying for me and others supaya kami dibanyakkan rezeki and could bring both of you anywhere you want to go in the future..aminn.

I love you Abah, Mummy~ Xie Xie....
enjoy some of the pictures taken all through our holiday in Beijing..
(please click for better view. tatau kenape jadik blurr...waargh!)

  • Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City

Heading to Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square

The Forbidden City-looking forward at the Palace

Rombongan MakCikYah

Mcm nak pagi seminar

Gundik² maharaja

  • The Great Wall of China

The start

...and we (me, yana, wani & abah) finished it

This is such an aww~~ pictures..

  • Summer Palace

thats us

Ayoh, tula pagoda, hok dkt baju pagoda ayoh tu..

  • The hundred years mosques & Foot Masaage

  • The Olympic stadium (Bird's Nest)

The bird's nest

The 7 star olympic hotel

olympic athletes..of...19__..urm..(?)

We were reaching the garisan penamat..
  • Shopping!! (Jade store, Crystals store, Pearl store and THE market)

Lion jade

Puas hati dpt beli crystal

And now mek's turn to choose her stuff

yea..yana..we shouldnt buy it since we have no money.

the heaven for women on earth
  • Makan makanan china yg dimuslimkan.
dont expect too was close to horrible

poor them~ mak die tgh bantai anak2 die yg comot2 tu


*Tips: make sure u have complete package of mulut laser-sudi bergaduh-buat muka annoyed when you want to shop in Beijing esp in the market. tidak perlu mengekalkan adat sopan santun budaya timur kite di sana yer. Do not be cheated as we MUST bargain up until 80% off. e.g : i purchased a so-called vest at only Rmb60 after 'bargaining' (or should i call quarelling?) from Rmb320. gile ape!

*suke bole maki penjual tipu tu dalam bahasa melayu sebab derang tak faham. example: 1.hotak kau mahal gile! 2. isk bangang nye! 3.aah..memang ko tak tipula kan..but ive been cheated all the time by you people! - itu memang saje bagi die paham. or maybe die tak paham pun..since they only know chinglish language.