Sunday, October 26, 2008

oh the celebration!

hari raya :: the "FIRST''s celebration

salam lebaran readers. :) perhaps its not that late for me to wish hari raya..hihi.
this hari raya would be quite special since a lot of "first" happened.

First and foremost: NO color theme.
For the first time my mom agreed on my suggestion that tahun ni tak payah ade theme2 color, we go for theme kain same plak-saree.
well, as for past yearssss hari will decide what color would be the theme for our family "tahun niii....mami nak kaler...kuning, tahun ni....mami nak kaler purple, tahun niii........tahun ni...." (as you can see in the pics below.....;P)
and we as the daughters (and b.e and abah also) never had a chance to choose and buy the kain, it will all perfectly prepared by mom. yea..i know..its good la kan....but.......** ehm...takpela, takdela kisah sgt actually...tapi ........**

2)First raya without b.e
2008 is the year where we celebrate eid without b.e ( on the first raya la). he went back to kedah to kak dayang's kampung. so gamba raya tahun ni takde gamba b.e......*isk*

3)First time BAGI duit raya
as anne dah keje now it is THE time for me to give duit raya to budak2..(sisters and cousins only!)

4) "First" for the kids...
it is the first year of raya as my cousin auni dalila,3, dpt jalan....(die lambat jalan sket..) it was so cute seeing her walking in baju kurung. and as for my other cousin, the adorable arisya, this year she has her first baju was so cute seeing her RUNNING in baju raya. i mean for the whole day k....(below: arisya. running again.. followed by auni and aina dpt duit raya from mami..)
so readers, what is your raya experience for this year? lets share lah.. :D

Monday, October 06, 2008

work for yourself

Post: Landscape Architect
Location :
Sitescape Sdn Bhd.,
Aras 7, Bangunan Zikay,
53, Jalan Raja Alang, Kampung Baru,
50300, Kuala Lumpur

i am a landscape architect. wee.....rase mcm bangga to hold this 'title'. for me, those who really be in this field and actually work with 'the' real people is so cool. i never imagined to be one at this soon, i thought maybe i would be the assistant or maybe jadi TA ke dulu kan.. well, of course terlalu sangat banyak bende yang n tak tau. gosh..first three weeks were kinda hard for me to cope on this new thing/environment. hopefully i will learn fast and really be in the working environment successfully. ill be 'somebody' one day....insyaAllah..

currently im substituting kak aween who is in maternity leave until the end of this month. first meet with her was not that good, but things getting better and i learnt A LOT from her. details..yes details are very2 important where you need to know EVERY single material u use. so, to soon-to-be-landscape architects out there...(esp uians eh..) sharpen your skills in landscape details tau. and oh! all the short forms! i was lost during the first meeting i attended in cyberjaya...( VO? EI? LI? RAC? CCC? BG? urhh...) thank God ade Abah.. being a very handsome successful Quantity Surveyor, he is the 'master' of contract2 ni.. he has it all in his fingertips aje..

this is my promise ; i want to prove to myself and everybody that i deserve to be a good landscape architect- by working hard, learn, learn and learn everyday.

i wish to contribute a lot in the future, either in writings, teachings, materials or anything lah. we must have a big heart..(as learned in NSG).

*i read a very good article in EH! October about how to overcome perasaan runsing-malas-risau utk pergi keje on "Monday"-first day of the week. thats what i felt yesterday..hihi...

be passionate on your works!

:: anne ::
landscape enthusiast

this is the new chapter

assalamualaikum wbt.

heyya people :) im feeling so excited to pen my first entry in blogspot, even i know other bloggers have been using this for ages. yea..yea.. i know...well, all this while friendster's blog would be my best journal ever to express my feelings and thoughts. since EVERYBODY is using blogspot, and it is the most 'in' thing now..(in ker?..entahla..) i should trylah. i cant wait to customize my blog to be so cantik2 like org lain punye..siap ade lagu2, suare sendiri...kewl seyh...

ive created this blog last month actually but baru skarang i could publish my first entry, because i need to think of some ideas first in order to make my entry interesting. perhaps i could attract some fans out there to read my blog later. well, i would say journalism is my passion also instead of landscape architecture of course. i like to have my own column in any landscape magazine one day - or be the editor perhaps? :)

so people, keep on reading my blog yea, even i am not a great scholar nor a philosopher (yet..;) ) but maybe my writing could make u think.... and smile (or maybe cry and be mad?)

work hard everybody!

:: noorhilyati ::
a very successful landcape enthusiast