Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our first Step

Faiz's family came last weekend for merisik ceremony. Alhamdulillah the simple but sweet occasion went very well. majlis merisik kami agak 'meriah' sbb family faiz pun dtg ramai jugakla and so does my side. was more like majlis 'mengenal family masing2' and tidaklah terlalu mengikut tatacara dan protokol yg sepatutnye. like i said simple and sweet... since both of us decided not to have an engagement ceremony, both family came to conclusion to 'kire sekali lah ni ye?' event. haha..kami ok aje... ape yang penting...THE wedding later.

Omg, only God knows how much i want to share my experience doing the initial preparation before this. Only Now i can reveal it officially..huhu.. wedding preparation blog perhaps? hehe..tgklah camne. i looooovee weddings! yup, apetah lagi My Very-Own Wedding! checklist/so-called scrapbook/wedding book dah habis tulis2 ideas here and there. And later, sharing2 it with Ela, Ms Bride to be also..we have so-called chemistry in "DIY" wedding ni, which she also have checklist and wedding book/files but she is more particular in EvErything instead of me yg kurang sikit je dr die..haha luv you babe!!

okay friends, pray for our wedding and wedding preparation berjalan dgn sangat super smooth yea. Will update more soon!

Enjoy the pics!

this was not part of the majlis, hehe. Us in 2008, Hanis thoughtful :D

nervous giler

suke tgk expression Faiz's father in both of this pic.. :D

menantu and bakal menantu..teheehee

*i wished yana to be here too...missed you sista!

Monday, August 03, 2009

24 on 24th

i had a great birthday this year which i call 'the perfect 24'. i turned 24 years old on 24th of July 2009. we only experience this once in a lifetime babe. im very grateful of my almost perfect life now where i have a great family and friends, understanding and loving faiz, stable job, enough money, and so forth. plus, im also looking forward to take another BIG step of my personal life soon *wink.

mummy and abah dearie,
i know its not easy to raise me, haha. being a stubborn kid since young, i believe i gave a hard time for both of you. im sorry sebab tak selalu menggembirakan mummy and abah, but believe me you always make me happy. mummy always reads my mind and abah always know how to make good choice when im confused. i will try my best to be a good daughter of yours in future and perform my obligations towards Allah and you sebaik2nye. i love you most mummy and abah! Thank you so-very much2 for being a great-superb-the best parents of mine. :D

brother and sisters (including SIL ;P),
yana and wani..haha..thanks for the nice so-called surprise birthday celebration as requested by me. even its not like what i imagined (haha! i want it to be at hotel la!) but i had great time indeed with the big bun replacing-a-birthday-cake cake. thanks also for the purse and cards (oh! i cant help it! nanges aje!) love ya loads! b.e and kdayang, im glad u reach your first anniversary on my birthday..thanks for the wish and you still owe me a birthday present yea. hehe

yes, you're away ON my birthday and i dont mind at all. im glad we're still together on my 24th birthday and im looking forward to celebrate my coming birthdays with you :D. thanks a lot for the present b and i love you dearly..

the thought that u remember my birthday is sooo appreciated. thank you for remembering even you were actually reminded by birthday calendar in facebook. huhu~ i love you all!!

click here for cakes

(insaf lepas baca yasmin ahmad's story by her mom. taken from Berita Harian online : here)

“Dia buat filem bukan untuk sesiapa, sebaliknya mahu menggembirakan hati mak dan abah. Andai ditanya rahsia kejayaannya, arwah pasti menyebut sentiasa menggembirakan hati ibu. Begitulah arwah yang sentiasa berpegang syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu,” katanya.