Tuesday, January 13, 2009

to be or not to be...

ive been working for almost for four months now. but until now i aint sure whether is this the best place/field/environment i should be in. sometimes, its enjoyable when i managed to learn and cope this-complicated-procedure thing (you know..the feelings of achieving and finally understand what-the-hell-is this-thing). consultancy field is not easy k, yes i agree.. a strong mind and positive behavior are a must thing to be acknowledged by others. then...it will be harder if your surrounding is not like you hope for (you know...this 'silent killer' type of people). im not being judgmental here, but this type of people who 'silently judging people' made me stress. im the type of people who cares about others' says k, so i cant stop ignoring 'that' kind of look. God....i know...i know...sometimes im quite blurr (sometimes eh!) to understand my work, but im trying very hard to get that thing INTO my mind.

anyway, today's post is related to my not stable emotion due to current-smoothly going on-works, i dun really understand-works, and to be determined-works. since im still under probation, senior's perception towards MY performance is really important and menstresskan. i always hoping to be ah-lantakla / buat-je type of people, because they dun really think of wut people say-its only you and your world. lebih 'free' i guess... haih..

up until now i still didnt do any action to pursue my dreams to be in journalism. yea...n dah survey some online journalism course, and of course i did check out for any vacancies in Laman Impiana@Karangkraf. entah kenape n still tak submit2 lagi resume (even takde vacancies now/ hantar jelah!). n suke tangguh kerja....eeeee....tak tau la ape nk jadi (nak jadi kaye, but rich people make decision fast, unlike u anne, salu tak sure...anne, focus!!!)

what i should do now?

>lessen my "nanti..ape org ckp" "betul ke...ek?" behaviour/thoughts. confident! confident! confident! buat je anne!!
>perform well in my work, show my passion and kene rajin
>be thankful of what i have now (Alhamdulillah..), sbb ade org lain yg takde keje pun..
>believe and tawakkal pada ketentuan Allah, mesti ada hikmahnya im still here. maybe HE wants me to learn/earn more.
>be more discipline, punctual (yessssss anneeee!) and responsible.

dearie friends, do pray for me to be stronger and hopefully i could achieve my dreams. ill pray for your success ahead too. muax!

*i never stop thanking the Almighty for 'giving' me Faiz, who always understand and solve my tension2 ni with his brilliant thoughts and lovely heart..muax!

::anne iznoor::
-landscape enthusiast-


elya ezrin said...

anne darling.

x mo tensen2 ye...hehe..ckap kt org pndai la kan..

BUTTTTT....one of the many things ive learnt during these 9months of working is that 'jgn kesah ape org kate!'.

Yes, u should be concerned to ur surroundings but not wayyyy too much ok?

Believe in urself & ur abilities. And ALWAYS do blve that there are people who blve dat "come what may, ANNE msti wat the best".

And i'm proud to be one of those people ^_^.

okeh anne? jgn pikir banyok2 deh!