Thursday, February 09, 2012

Malaysian bridesmaids..... (kah?)

Walaupun budaya ada 'bridesmaids' ni mmg bukan budaya perkahwinan melayu, tapi kita terikut2 dgn budaya 'disana' dan mengolahnya lebih kepada 'penghargaan' terhadap rakan2 rapat dan saudara2 to make them part of our big day. and i love to see wedding pictures yg ade bridesmaids+bride, holding handbouquet, showing off their shoes, doing pout, etc. moment tu sgt best because you know that your best friends are there-on your wedding day-cherishing your special moment in your lifetime. and the pictures captured of you+your bridesmaids are priceless (after with families of course :p).

I had the opportunity to make this suka2 custom in reality on my wedding day :) so does my best friends. do enjoy the pictures and color/design of baju we/they had put on..for some inspiration. tapi baju N simple2 je.. :)

On my nikah day (hijau)

On my reception (purple)

My bestfriend's wedding (Ela) - bridesmaids in hijau+pink and merah+batik

My bestfriend's wedding (qlod) - bridesmaids in peach+pink and brown

My bestfriend's wedding (fadot) - bridesmaids in champagne/cream

N pregnant 5months

My bestfriend's wedding (atok) - bridesmaids in pink (pilihan sendiri)

N pregnant 5months

My bestfriend's wedding (k.anum) - bridesmaids in pink

N pregnant 6months


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Stroller - maniac? holic?

Oh Im not going to post a list of my baby's strollers here. Madina only have one. An umbrella fold-sun speed Esprit-stroller in red color. What i want to share here is some of my favourite strollers that I always Google all the time. and that makes my husband call me stroller-maniac or stroller-holic. haha! biarla.. I dont know why but I love strollers and it varies according to its size, functions and of course price.

Like it for its design..

1. Quinny Buzz
2. Graco Signiture
3. Britax B-Smart in purple
4. Valco ion

Like it because they are umbrella fold...

1. Esprit sunspeed in red (the new design pun cantik)
2. Maclaren xlr in purple (super nice)
3. Maclaren xt
4. Chicco liteway in red

Of all strollers ive found/googled...there is only one which became my ultimate dream. well, it is not available in Malaysia (yet). kalau ade pun design lain sikit. It is Inglesina Zippy Free in Orchidea color

well, I only got the carrier for madina but in red. And ive just checked out Inglesina's International website, they have new color for Zippy Free - Mirtillo. hmmh...cantek gile!!

* can see my fav color is purple ;)

My Madina

My baby was born last 10 months. :D Alhamdulillah..the process was smooth (as what I've read and learn from class) but the pain was not as expected at all. haha. mmg sakit, but not that long. i was in LR for 4 hours when suddenly she popped out. Then the motherhood journey began...

7 days

Ive never been aware of the sleepless night during the confinement period (especially). So when it started as early as she was day 1, I was thinking oh maybe just tonight. Well, actually it didn't stop until today (but now dah lali and dah undercontrol ngeh3). haha. So mothers-to-be, be prepared yea..and do remind your spouse too. Not enough sleep could bring a lot of circumstances esp STRESS. stress could bring you to many other situations - arguments, emotion breakdown, and of course negatively affect your milk production. So, ape yg N belajar and buat kalau baby menangis waktu malam adalah:
  1. Check diaper
  2. letak minyak angin (kot kembung)
  3. Susukan
  4. hold and hug her sambil selawat
  5. and kalau semua tak jadi...tukar baju dia. Kita tak tau kan baju die maybe ade bende2 asing yg buat die tak selesa ke kan. and it works for me few times esp time die demam.
  6. and for newborn, do also check her pusat..kot luka ke.
I had my confinement period at my parent's house. and yes, I have to go through all the 'Do's and Don'ts' which I kinda like it. haha. its true! i love the food. My mom made this delicious 'sambal black pepper' yg N makan dgn ikan bakar and steamed broccoli+carrot. I also consumed NR product which I highly recommended as well as Shaklee vitamins. alhamdulillah i lost 12kg after 44hari pantang but most important - i feel healthy and fit. :) and all the supplements i still continue makan sampai skarang (on and off).

Since my baby was delivered, I was 'given' a different view of life... tentang tanggungjawab, sayang, pengorbanan dan keikhlasan. Macam mana Allah boleh buat semua yg berlaku dalam hidup ini ada sangkut pautnya, dan membuatkan kita sedar bahawa ada hikmahnya Allah dekatkan dan jauhkan kita dgn orang tertentu itu. cewah bermadah pulak. haha! Diharapkan kita semua menjadi muslim yang lebih baik dan sentiasa mengingati Allah hendaknya.

Apa yang penting, N berdoa semoga N (and other mothers) dapat didik anak dgn baik, dgn nilai-nilai positif dan ajaran islam dari awal. Lets continue reading and googling mommies!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Allah Maha Pemurah

alhamdulillah sudah sampai 37 minggu little precious dlm perut mummy :)

Saya tidak bunting pelamin. tapi Allah tahu apa yg terbaik utk kami, selepas 6 bulan, dan pada bulan ketujuh (my birthday month) baru saya pregnant. 6 bulan hidup berdua- ditempat baru,dengan takde kawan (bagi saya la), meneroka alam perkahwinan bersama2, belajar mengurus diri DAN pasangan, main masak2, bermalas-malasan dirumah, buat kerja rumah sama2 dan sebagainya. semuanya sangat2 best untuk diceritakan. saya bersyukur, suami sentiasa ada disisi. kene tinggal beberapa hari pun dah rindu bagai nak gila. saya tak kuat sangat(lagi) untuk ditinggal lama2 kot. huhu.
bulan ke-6 baru saya mengandung bukan kerana saya mahupun suami ada masalah, tidak. bukan kerana saya mahupun suami berbadan besar. We are very healthy. Alhamdulillah. dan itu semua rezeki masing2, ada orang mengandung awal pun tak healthy kan (tidak merujuk pada sesiapa). Jadi apa2 pun percaya pada rezeki yg Allah telah tentukan :) Jgn membanding2kan diri dgn org lain. :) oh, dan saya tak faham kenapa ade jenis org yg suke sebok tanya "dah pregnant ke?""bile nak ade baby ni?" berkali2. i mean seriously berkali2. dah ade nanti i bgtau la, kan?

pada yg belum mengandung, percaya pada hikmahNya...

Alhamdulillah, setakat ini baby is developing very well. But not for me, ive been through all-the-time sickness until 4th month. selalu rasa mcm ade satu lapisan metal dkt lidah ni. huh...mmg mencabar time tu. Then ok dah jalan mcm terkedek2 mcm penguin which is normal la kan. and until now kaki saya tak bengkak sgt pun lagi ;) masih kurus (dr belakang) tapi tetap lebar dr side elevation. haha. stretchmark baru muncul sikit2 (tp freak out gile-sbb my mom selalu SANGAT pesan mesti sapu baby oil/ bio oil/ape segala oil dari AWAL supaya still boleh pakai bikini-depan-husband selepas bersalin. :P kalau perut tak cantik macam mana? ). then mami kate, oh sikit2 ni biasa..nanti hilang la. pheww~ *tak sanggup tgk hasil image google of stretchmarks. berat badan pun naik dengan stabil..tak terlalu mendadak, muka rasanya takla sembab-suami kate masih cantik :P haha. alhamdulillah. semoga semuanya berjalan dgn lancar dr sepanjang kehamilan sampailah bersalin-berpantang and so on.

barang baby dah beli sikit2. suke picit baju/barang baby yg dijual sbb geram amat. comel amat. sangat cute juga bila faiz pun dah pandai google barang2 baby, cari info pasal pregnancy and stroller..huhu u r the best yang!

doakan saya dan baby sihat dan kuat ye!

*syukur saya pada Allah kerana family, kawan2 sentiasa ada disisi memberi sokongan sepanjang kehamilan ni. terima kasih juga pada blogger2 yg banyak bagi tips / info berguna tentang pregnancy+baby (ye saya kaki google, semua bende saya nak google. hehe).